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Assistance from Nonprofits, Nonprofit Resources - Christian: Just got my letter in the mail about me being CUT

MzRisaR started this conversation
Just got my letter in the mail about me being CUT OFF of FOOD STAMPS... really??

I called the Customer Service that's supposed to be higher than your regional county assistance office and you know what they said... WE HAVE NO ANSWERS TO ""WHY'" YOU WERE CUTOFF... I did get a we will be looking into it and we will try to fix this as soon as possible

I just got a review- I put all my information gave them more than plenty of information for them to look into and confirm all my stuff and I still got CUT OFF

Thanksgiving is right around the corner- I'm soooooo NOT going to let this get me down.. I will continue on a 2x daily calling and calling hopefully fixing whatever is going on with my case.. I just came to VENT STERNLY about this matter..

I wanted to post a pic of my letter I got to just SHOW PROOF to everyone here but then I thought it would be just LAME OF ME to do something like so

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.. me right now---- Thanks to my local county assistance office for doing this to me
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